Friday, August 26, 2011

Weave Tease

Playing with my camera and the sampler from the Crackle class:

From the top:
  •  Classic Crackle 1
  • Classic Crackle 2
  • Crackle woven as twill
  • Crackle woven as overshot
  • Crackle woven as summer and winter - single
  • Crackle woven as summer and winter - double
 Classic Crackle straight block treadling.
2 tie down shuttles and one pattern shuttle.
Warp, tie downs, and pattern threads were all different making for interaction of 4 thread colors.

 Classic Crackle block design
2 tied down threads, one pattern thread.
Again, 4 thread colors were used.

 Crackle treadled as summer and winter singles
Tie down same as warp.  Contrast pattern thread for a total of two colors..

 Crackle woven as overshot.
Tabby same as warp with variegated pattern thread.

As you can see, this weave structure presents a lot of opportunities to play with color interaction in the threads.  I've used a heavier pattern thread in all of these samples.  But it's possible for warp, pattern, and tied-down threads to be the same weight which allows for rotating the colors to play with the design among the blocks.  I admit that weaving with three shuttles is a challenge, especially when rotating the two tie down wefts with one pattern weft.

I've retied and still have the rest of the samples to weave.  And I have pre-ordered Susan Wilson's book

This was our Cross Border's exhibit at MLH.  The lighting was less than ideal for photography, especially the darker pieces.

Kind of a crazy week here.  Just finished up with a catch up on medical screenings and tests the past couple days.  Just the routine stuff, but I do not take well be being poked, prodded, squeezed, and looked at from the inside out.  Glad that's over and can now schedule my days with more pleasurable pursuits.

Am currently reading:
I have it out on inter-library loan.  Reviews are here.

Have a good weekend.  And sending good wishes to those who are being threatened by Hurricane Irene.


  1. As always, I am so impressed with your weavings! They are lovely!

    Off to check your book link...
    and thanks for the good wishes re Irene...

  2. Wow, you covered a lot of weaving ground. They all look beautiful. The book looks quite interesting. Thanks for the link.

  3. Wow, I didn't know one could do so much with Crackle weave! I guess I'll have to give it a shot!


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