Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make mine cherry, topped with orange....

My newest acquisition:
A cherry Turkish 24gr. spindle by Jeri Brock purchased from The Spinning Loft. The fiber is some merino top that I dyed a couple years ago.  This is such a sweet little spindle and a perfect companion to my Jenkins Turkish Spindle.  I love them both!

Just noticed that this is the first proper blog post for July.  There have been fiber happenings, but like most of the central U.S. it has been unbearably hot.

There is a beamed warp....
 patiently waiting for me to thread it through the heddles and reed:
This is handpainted bamboo warp from this year's  guild dye day.  In fact this is the warp I'm painting in the photo.  It will be a scarf woven in an 8 harness false damask twill.

Last Thursday our Cross Borders Weavers group met to get ready for the Michigan League of Handweaver's conference coming up in a couple of weeks.  Our hostess, Marilyn graciously supplied a synthetic indigo dye vat for us.  I over dyed some slub cotton warp chains and skeins, but the pictures aren't coming out right now.  Perhaps once they start moving onto the loom they will be more photogenic.

And I am still knitting on Devonshire.  I've decided to ignore the color variations for now and decide what to do once the garment is finished.  Maybe washing will make a difference....maybe not.  Maybe it will just be a casual jeans sweater.  Time will tell.

I've also been doing a lot of reading, but you can check in on that at my LibraryThing link.

The next few weeks promise to be quite busy...and hot.  Hopefully the activity will create blog fodder. 

Any dream interpreters out there?  Yesterday morning I woke up dreaming that our garage was almost empty (yep, that was a dream alright!) and in it was a huge kangaroo hopping around and throwing a snow shovel around like a javelin.  I was clearly stumped on what to do about that kangaroo, so I woke up.
Any clues on what my subconscious was trying to tell me?  Or maybe it's just the heat.....


  1. Lovely yarn in your warp. As for the Kangaroo, I think you're wishing for the heat to break, and because it's winter in Oz, that explains the 'roo.

  2. Oh my, that is a strange dream, but then again, aren't they all?
    The warp looks great and I am assuming you are loving still that long awaited Mac!
    A fair amount of reading going on here too. Getting ready for the most current Game of Thrones book 5.
    Stay cool as you can, still a lot of summer to go.

  3. WOW! Look at all this color going on over here! Gorgeous WARP..Lovely spindle & wool!! Everything is beautiful!!

    (course, it might just look extra chromatic to me cause I've been spinning shetland samples for the last month...and I'm really longing to see color pass through my fingers!)

    As for that empty garage with the Kangaroo throwing his snow shovel...hum. I think the universe is telling you to buy lots of ice melt for the coming you better clean out your garage so you will have some place to store it! ;-)

    OH! and the word verification..
    "redwor"- now isn't that perfect!

  4. I love my Turkish spindle too - wish I'd remember to pick it up. As for dreams - I wish someone would tell me what mine mean. They wear me out! Also on the reading train~


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