Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What to do....

I've been working on Devonshire, the first sweater I've knitted for myself in a long time.

See the "lines of demarcation" in the fabric?  The first one at the lower part of the garment occurred mid-ball of yarn where there was a knot in the skein.  There's another, less drastic color change up at the beginning of the lace change which was a change in skein.  Everything is from the same dyelot and the same bag of yarn. 

The yarn is Cathay by Debbie Bliss.  Just checked her website and it appears this yarn is discontinued.  Not cheap yarn, but I bought it about a year ago.  I'm disappointed.  Any suggestions on what to do about the color variations?


  1. Dang - I really hate it when that happens. The only way I know of to really fix it is (sorry) to rip it out and knit a row with one ball, then the next row with a different ball, and so on, mixing them so that they're all blended together. You might want to continue mixing balls throughout the rest of the sweater (which is beautiful, by the way).

    There was someone else who had a rant on their blog about some yarn from Cascade - they had the same kind of problem but after it washed, and the colors bled all over and totally ruined the sweater. They finally sent her an apology, but, you know what? That's not good enough. If they are saying that these were the same dyelot, which they obviously aren't, I think you need to rattle their cage...

    Ok, I'll go back into mine, now!

  2. If you bought them locally, I would show them the sweater and the dye lot problems.They may( and should) make good on it no matter when you bought it. I know my LYS would in some way. What a shame, as has been said, ripping out and starting by mixing the balls, or, possibly dye the whole completed sweater?
    It is a really pretty design, and I know I couldn't bear to rip it out after all that SS.

  3. Oh man. It's a gorgeous sweater.

    I look forward to how you resolve this. Good advice from previous commenters.


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