Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Chip Off the Old Block

I've been playing around with block design in weaving on the warp from this post.  The warp is a sample warp in preparation for a larger piece.  The one requirement is that the fabric be double faced.  I've decided to use a Summer & Winter threading and various Summer and Winter treadlings for my double faced project.
Here's the front of a finished sample from this warp:
And here is the back:

And here are some other treadlings still on the loom:

Obviously, I can't show you the back side since these ones are still on the loom.  There are even more treadlings wound up on the cloth beam. 

These aren't the yarns I will be using.  This is just play.  But I hope to have the project warp on the loom by the end of day tomorrow.


  1. Wow. You went from puny to perfect in short order!

  2. Way cool!! I haven't done double-sided cloth since the 70's when I learned to weave. I have a blanket idea that will require weaving double width on my loom - should be exciting (challenging...).

  3. You mean you can't hold a mirror underneath to give us a peak? LOL I absolutely love Summer & Winter and you are doing it definite justice! Does the new loom mean though, that you've stopped working on your kitchen???

  4. WOW...this looks amazing...double faced fabric seems very tricky, hard to wrap my brain around what is going on! Is it hard to do?

  5. wow - amazing! Gorgeous and I like Sharon's well-put comment "puny to perfect in short order". Wow, again.

  6. Reminds me of 8 bit videogame graphics!


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