Saturday, May 28, 2011


I believe that babies should be blessed with the work of our hands.  And since mothers often have their hands full of the responsibilities of the day to day care for those babies, that hand work naturally falls to the grannies, aunts, great aunts....and uncles too.  There are some interesting thoughts about handwork, and the future of handwork in yesterday's entry on The Textile Blog.

This month our family has been blessed with a new little great niece, Mia:
Some day she will get back at her parents for that obligatory photo in the bath.

So little Mia has a hat and sweater on the way:
The sweater pattern is from Clara Parke's The Knitter's Book of Wool which I have knit of 100% cotton in 6-9 months size.  It really is a quick and easy knit if you're looking for such a pattern.  I always include a ball band wound around some extra yarn and one of my Moo Cards with care and size information on it.  That's what you see tucked into the neck opening.  Next I will tuck the sweater and hat in a mailing pouch and send it off to the little one. 

May she and her parents have many restful moments like the one below:


  1. The peace and contentment in the last photo is beautiful.

  2. Congratulations - beautiful knitting, absolutely beautiful baby. Loved that last photo!

  3. Love that sleepy-baby photo....:). Thanks for the heads-up on the sweater pattern too.

  4. Babies!! The older I get the more amazing they are. Love the sweater and the link.


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