Wednesday, May 04, 2011

At Last....

The new loom arrived in the middle of the kitchen painting and my mother-in-law's passing and so on....

The kitchen isn't all put back together yet but there is a warp on the loom.  Here's the loom:
It's a 12 harness/14 treadle Macomber with a double warp beam.  I was looking for a heavier loom that could hold high tension on the warp.  I think at 200 lbs. it will do that.  So far I am very happy.

This loom is so easy to put a warp on for a variety of reasons.  I'll do a post on that in a future post.  It wasn't possible during this warp since the vertical blinds from the kitchen are on the floor just to the left of the loom along with a lot of other detritus that needs to be put back into the kitchen.

See that wallpaper just to the right of the loom?  That's the next home project....but not for awhile yet.  I'm not too anxious to start stripping wallpaper again.

Here's the current pattern on the loom:
It's an 8 harness Summer and Winter pattern, number 533 from Carol Strickler's 8 harness book.  The yarn is 8/2 tencel for warp, tabby, and used double for the pattern weft.  Notice that the pattern is...uhm....geometric.

Meanwhile, my 4 harness Leclerc Artistat loom is for sale.  I need to put an ad up on Weavolution.  Know anyone in SE Michigan who needs a loom?


  1. Wow - the loom looks wonderful! As does the weaving.

  2. Finally is right and of course, timing was terrible, but what a beautiful loom! I'm more than a little envious of your 12 shafts that's for sure. Nice geometric. ;)

  3. "The kitchen isn't all put back together yet but there is a warp on the loom"

    ....I can see you have your priorities in order ;-)

    Cheering you on from the sidelines...
    whomever gets your loom will surely be lucky to have some of your weaving mojo rub off on them!

  4. My mom used to have one of those but it was *way* older. It had metal treddles... Talk about heavy!!

    I had my loom in my dining room for awhile, but since it's really my kitchen and there wasn't enough room, I moved it back into the spare bedroom. Now my dye set up is in the dining area (but it doesn't take up as much space!).

    I like the geometrics - you should have just woven your own valances... (bet you hear that a lot!).

  5. I love your new loom. I'm envious that you have a warp on it and have been weaving. I love the pattern. My loom is setting here with a warp ready to be completed tying on.

  6. LOL - love the geometric pattern. And your priorities are right on the money!!

  7. No thanks. I'm trying to cut down :) I do love your new baby though.


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