Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sad end to poetry month...

 This was one of my favorite songs in 1975.  In fact I still own it on vinyl. 

Such a sad ending to a woman who was dealt a really tough hand in a too short life. 

This too was on that album:

Is there a woman alive who hasn't felt this way?

Thank you, Pheobe.  Peace to you.


  1. I remember seeing her in the 70's with Jackson Browne. It was awesome. RIP Phoebe...

  2. I had never heard of her until Laura posted pretty much what you just did. And yes, she can still pick.

  3. I too remember her although I remember her singing with Linda Ronstadt at some point too. Some songs bring back a moment in time just as if you were there again. I know they do for me at least.

  4. I first heard of her when I was in college, and my roommate was a big fan. I still have my records too.

    I will miss her...what a voice! What lyrics! She shared a wonderful gift with the world...



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