Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last night I had the privelege of attending a "Hands-on Cooking and Baking Seminar" at Schoolcraft's Culinary Arts program:

We did this once before a couple years ago, but I guess it wasn't blog fodder.  Last night there were about 26 of us.  We broke into two teams.  One group went to the baking/pastry area and the other group went to the cooking area.  My friend, Mary, went to the baking area and I went to the "hot kitchen".

No hats for us as you see in the video, but we did get aprons.  The cooking team made three soups.  The one you see below was my area of responsibility:

Veloute of Mushroom Soup
 I've looked online but haven't seen any recipes quite like the one we used.  This stuff is to die for!!  Of course it has real butter and cream in it, along with a ton of button and shitake mushroomsThe online recipes are lacking leeks, celery, and the technique of sweating the mushrooms to enhance the flavor.

The fun things about these opportunities are the little things you learn from the chef sweating mushrooms, how to clean leeks to get rid of all the sand, and ways to tailor the roux to the recipe at hand.
We made two other soups: Vegetarian Red Lentil and Louisianna Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo.

The bakers finished the bread you see in the above photo along with baguettes, two types of scones, cookies, and stromboli.  

At the end of the class we did a tasting meal, then we loaded up shopping bags and soup containers to bring the rest home.  I polished off the mushroom soup for lunch.  Dinner will be the red lentil soup.  Did I mention I love home made soup?

Fiber update:  The third prayer shawl is finished and awaiting a bit more fringe twisting before wet finishing.  Am also in the middle of  piecing a  High School Senior Graduation Quilt.  I do at least one every year, but that's the only visual reference to it that I can find in the archives.

And I am still waiting for my new loom (Christmas present !?) to arrive.

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  1. Oh my that sounds perfectly yummy, all of it. Leeks in almost any soup brighten it. Love them!
    Congrats on the 3rd prayer shawl and can't wait to see it and the HS quilt. How fun.
    Oh, that loom is taking it's sweet time. Hope it's on your doorstep today!


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