Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some of the reasons I haven't purchased an e-reader

Insecurity  I like my things, electronic and otherwise, to have a reasonable level of security.

Irrationality  What is magical about the number 26? What if print books self-immolated on the 27th checkout from the library?

Proprietary  Electronic items of a proprietary nature have a shorter functional life than open ended electronic items...which are transitory enough IMO.

Just my personal opinion....but am glad to see I'm not alone.


  1. I just don't get the warm fuzzies from holding an electronic device to read. Give me a big, fat book anyday!

  2. LOL! Well, those are all good reasons and I respect and understand every single one of them, but I love my Kindle. My books shelves love my kindle and there remains room for stuff like nice weaving,knitting and spinning books which are picture heavy, instead of paperback. My hands love my kindle since I don't have to prop up meaty texts, my eyes love Kindle because I can adjust the size of the type, the environment may benefit from my kindle without the production of pulp for paper and production of ink. No gas was used to drive to the bookstore or have a book delivered to me, warehouse storage, not too much needed, which means no high heating/cooling bills for warehouse workers needed to pull books for shipment or stock shelves. Some of this gain is most likely eaten into by plastic and electronics manufacturing, both cost and environmentally, and jobs, which may balance out in electronic positions.
    In the end, if I love a book after reading, I can always go buy the hard copy for inclusion in my library. A rare occurrence that I ever get back to a book for second read, but it's been known to happen. Marie Antoinette that I just finished might be one. EXCELLENT book.

  3. I wasn't sure how I'd take to my Kindle but buying book club books was getting expensive. So far I've read two book club selections on my Kindle, and one, Mark Twain's Roughing It, only cost $.99. I just reread the children's classic, The Secret Garden by Burnett for free.

    I still read more paper than Kindle and I think I'll probably always read both. It's easy to slip my Kindle in my bag when I got to town - I never know where I'm going to get stuck waiting.

    I think both have their place. I no longer think of it as an either/or situation.

  4. Right now I'd rather buy fleeces and used books than an e-reader - but that could change. I see people eating solitary meals in restaurants engrossed in their e-readers and I think, hmmm... I could do that!!


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