Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I need your opinion...

What do you think....too passive aggressive? 

To:  All of our neighbors on the lane


This morning I found myself reflecting on my (misspent?) youth while humming the tune of Alice’s Restaurant. Now normally in our household Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” (if you’re too young, or just happened to lose that decade, search it on You Tube) is reserved for noon on Thanksgiving Day.  But it’s come up several times in the past weeks especially on Wednesdays, as I have donned disposable gloves to pick up scattered trash at the end of our lane.

You see, the refuse collectors do not pick up scattered trash.  And when the trash is taken up the evening before collection, animals get into the bags during the night and scatter it around while they rummage for food.  When it’s windy, it’s scattered even more by the wind and passing traffic.

If your schedule requires that the trash goes out on Tuesday evening, one way to deter the animals is to make up a spray bottle of household ammonia and water and thoroughly spray the outside of your trash bags when you deposit them at the end of the lane.  Of course, this doesn’t help with the windy part.

Please do this to help keep me from rummaging around in my distant (and your recently discarded) past.  Thanks!



  1. Or put the trash in cans, like any intelligent person would do, and put a bungee over the top to keep the lid on...

    I'm not passive aggressive, just agressive!!

  2. crack me up!

  3. No, you're fine - they don't know unless you tell them, after all.


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