Thursday, March 17, 2011


This just in.  FWIW...I wrote to my congressman, several times.  Even though this is what it says on his wiki page:

"Media appearances

Rep. McCotter is a frequent guest on the late-night Fox News Channel television show Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld. McCotter's appearances on the show come in the capacity of a panelist on the round-robin style talk show, which brings together a few guests (usually some combination of a comedian, a political commentator or analyst, a Fox News on-air personality, and/or a political figure like McCotter), along with host Greg Gutfeld and regulars Bill Schulz (a comedian) and Andy Levy (a commentator), to discuss and joke about topics in news, entertainment, politics, sports and gossip. Host Gutfeld was the former editor-in-chief of men's magazines Stuff and Maxim in the U.K."

Wonder if he gets paid for those appearances?

Yep, I wrote to spittin' in the wind.

PS:  But it's okay to use public funding to "inform the public" like  this.  Again I say: Grrrrr....


  1. Well, let's hope the senate has more sense....questionable I know.

  2. I get so frustrated by Nevada politics, I lose track that we're not the only state without responsible elected representation. I sure do wish I knew what it takes to stem the Sharron Angles at the root, because of course, she's running for office again - Mz Vote by the Second Amendment.

  3. Kill funding of public radio?! Oh dear! As a Canadian I find the thought of no CBC, which is our public radio, unthinkable. I hope to God nothing similar happens up here.


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