Thursday, March 03, 2011

Comfort, Comfort My People......

Two new prayer shawls ready for delivery:

Both are easy care fibers.  The darker one is acrylic and knitted.  The pink one is bamboo, Aunt Lydias number 10 crochet bamboo to be exact.

This one will be delivered to the church prayer shawl ministry tonight and will go to whomever can be ministered to by a warm shawl over their shoulders in a time of distress.  The pattern is The Mystery of the Trinity (Ravelry Link)  from The Prayer Shawl Companion.

It took awhile for me to get along with this pattern.  In the beginning I ripped it out several times, mostly because it is very difficult to "read the knitting" as you are working it.  Finally, I charted out the stitch pattern and it was smooth sailing from there.  In fact, I will cast on for another of the same pattern tonight.  The yarn is a Bernat worsted acrylic.

This one will be delivered to a friend at brunch on Saturday.  She's had a really rough year.  I'm hoping that the feminine pink will remind her that spring is on the way and brighter days are ahead.  Hoping that this light weight shawl will feel cozy over the shoulders as she settles in with a good book.  (I'm also hoping that she doesn't read this....I don't think she has the time.)

There's a third prayer shawl on the loom.  This one for a first time mom-to-be with a difficult pregnancy.  She's been on bedrest and baby girl  isn't due for another 8-9 weeks.  I've been on bedrest during pregnancy and it isn't fun.  (Remember how your back aches when you try to sleep in the last trimester?  Translate that to "stay in bed except to go to the bathroom".)

Hoping to get this one woven off and sent out this weekend.  Maybe it will be a comfort during these remaining weeks of pregnancy and perhaps it can even serve as a nursing shawl.

More about this bamboo crochet thread:  I dyed some of this at our guild dye day (actually, it's the bamboo I'm painting in the pictures).  This stuff dyes beautifully with fiber reactive dyes.  I'm looking forward to getting that warp on the loom.

Speaking of looms:  I got a call earlier in the week and my new loom will be shipped at the end of next week.  As Carly Simon sang:  .Anticipation.....


  1. I love the idea of prayer shawls! The title of your post really struck me - my dad was always the tenor soloist in our church when I was young. I actually have a tape of him singing that Aria from the Messiah. I'm really spoiled because he's really a baritone with a huge range, so his voice is very rich - like your shawls!

  2. Beautiful shawls Valerie and as your blog title says, lots and lots of comfort. Hat's off to you for all the love and care you're sending out.

  3. Beautiful idea of donating beautiful shawls to people that need and appreciate them.


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