Friday, February 11, 2011


Thanks everyone for your book suggestions.  Bill Bryson was suggested by several of you so I just came home from the library with a new one that he has edited:  Seeing Further: The story of science, discovery, and the genius of the Royal Society.  Okay, granted Bill Bryson didn't write this, but some fun writers are included:
Am looking forward to curling up with this collection of essays over the next few days.

Am currently reading The Girl with Glass Feet which was shelved under science fiction, but is more fantasy and perhaps allegory.  Okay, I admit it's a bit dark, but so far I like it.

Also, thanks for your encouraging comments on the double weave samples.  I hope to get some double weave project warps on the loom in the near future.   Cross Borders weavers was interesting yesterday.  The hostess presented on her exploration of weaving velvet.  Truly amazing work with #30 cotton sewing thread sett at 60 epi for each warp (therefore 120 epi total!)  If you don't know what is involved in weaving velvet take a look at Syne Mitchell's article here

I have woven one small piece of velvet, perhaps 3" by 3" in a workshop with Robyn Spady.  If you think that it is nerve wracking to cut into your knitting to make a steek, I assure you that it is truly daunting to slice across supplemental warp threads that are suspended by weights from the other side of the loom. it too short for all the books and yarns yet to be explored......


  1. Oh, that Bryson book sounds just the ticket for a travel read! I'll have to load that one into my Kindle before my trip back east. Glad you found some good selections!

  2. My hold came in at the library and I'm already a couple chapters into it - Living Large: from SUVs to Double Ds, why going bigger isn't going better by Sarah Z. Wexler. It's got my attention - I can see why it got good reviews. I think it's up your alley.


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