Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random projects

I forgot to show you my new yoga bag:
In the spirit of my word of the year, Sufficient, the only things purchased to make this bag were the zippers and a spool of navy blue thread. 
The outer fabric, lining, and D rings were all from the stash.  And the pattern for the bag was designed by me.  My new Christmas gift Manduka mat is larger and heavier than most yoga mats.  So I needed a larger, sturdier bag.  I also like to carry my own block, strap, towel, and bottle of mat cleaner.  This new bag holds it all, including my favorite little Esopus bag.  I made a yoga bolster from the same fabric about 2 years ago and blogged about it here.

I'm thinking about this right now because today was Tuesday yoga, where I received one of the most backhanded compliments ever.  This is an advanced power yoga class that I've been taking for a couple years along with an Ashtanga Basics class on Friday morning.  Since Christmas there's been this African American gentleman join the Tuesday class.  He's middle aged and though fit, had no yoga exposure (or much flexibility) before joining this class.  I always pick the same spot for my mat in this class and he has generally picked the spot just to my left.  Today at the end of class he said in a very loud voice:  "You are my inspiration."  Well that would have been good if he had stopped there.  But he continued with:  "To still be able to do all this."  Uhm...still!?  He clearly didn't realize how that was coming out.  I thought it was pretty funny....but the yoga teacher and one of my buddies made a point of making me feel better about that "still" by commenting on my skills that were impressive...not my "advanced age".   Thanks Stacy and Sandra!

Anyway...more things I've been putzing with:
Cotton which promises to become very expensive this year.  This naturally colored cotton was a gift from J., who is the velvet lady from my previous post.  I've been carding it and rolling it into puni's and then spinning it on the wheel: (as always, click for big.)
I'd like to use this yarn as an accent with some 12/2's natural white organic cotton for some kitchen towels.

Still working on the Tunis post.  And still waiting for my new loom to ship. 

Oh yeah...in case you've missed it, the NPR show "On Point" has a knitting episode here .  It features Jenna from Cold Antler Farm .

Wow, this is a link heavy post!


  1. What a pretty wheel you have, my precious. My wheel envy is growing. Great bag - wish I had yoga opportunities closer than an hour away.

  2. And I forgot to comment on your pretty new yoga bag!
    Looks great and how perfect that it holds everything you could possibly need.
    When does the new loom ship and from where?

  3. The yoga bag is da bomb! Gorgeous!

    And all this new BLUE! I really like the background tiles ;-)

    I have a huge cone of pin drafted cotton roving, but would much rather be spinning those lovely puni's you have been preparing ..yummy!

    PS...because I know you appreciate such things...I will tell you that my verification word for this post is "expoede"
    which I think is in reference to the type of shipping you want for your new loom.

  4. Nice bag, nice!

    Oh, and Kristi (fiber fool) needs some punis advice.


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