Monday, February 21, 2011

For the record..

We had another snow storm last night.  It was originally supposed to be an ice storm, but the ice seems to have gone south of us.  According the national weather service, snowfall accumulation for our area for the month of February is 17.5" with more on the way this evening.

Must sign off to help shovel out.  So I will leave you with this cozy image:

That's our Jazzy in the front.  The photo was taken while she was "visiting" Mowgli (cat in the back) while we were up north last weekend.


  1. Seems almost everyone is getting snow but you guys sure are getting slammed with these recent storms.
    We've had snow but no where near the dumping others have gotten. Lovely picture, two bugs snuggled up together.
    Take care of your back shoveling.

  2. Would you hate me if I said "better you than me?"

    I've had my share of those "dumpers"...and would much rather put up with record accumulations when they fall a few inches at a time over the entire winter-- instead of overnight.

    ....I feel your pain...make sure you don't over do it...bath salts and a hot tub help ;-)

  3. Wow, I hate to say it, but I like these El Nino winters. We usually are buried here in the North, but we are below our average snowfall for the winter. We had high winds and cold temps, but no snow or ice. Well, the groundhog said we should have an early spring. Lets hope for it!

    Take Care,


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