Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Double Weave

Way back in October I took a double weave workshop from Jennifer Moore.  I asked for your help here. So the workshop came and went, I organized my notebook, but there was still warp on the workshop loom.

Two people who were key to organizing the workshop were not able to participate because of health issues.  So I decided to weave them samples from my remaining warp.  Here they are:
The draft is on pages 134 - 136 of Jennifer Moore's Double Weave Book.
Here's the color order that I used:
So the samples are all finished and labeled and ready to give to my weaving buddies when I see them tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful and what a nice thing to do. I'm sure they will be over the moon to get those lovely samples. I would.

  2. Val, I love it! Beautiful. When I ever get back to weaving, double weave is at the top of my list.

  3. That is so nice of you Valerie. I love the colors.


  4. That was nice of you to do the samples. I still have warp left on my loom from the class also, but I haven't been ambitious enough to complete it. The warp is too narrow to do much with it.


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