Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some Days Are Like That

At 5:30 AM today I was awakened by an electronic beeping sound.  I looked over, dh  was sound asleep, so I got up to investigate.  Stood at the top of the stairs and listened, it wasn't from ds's room, more like it was downstairs.    I trundled down to the first floor and cocked my ears.  Hmmm...not on this floor, sounds like maybe the basement? 

Yep, it was the carbon monoxide detector which is right above the boiler.  The cat usually sleeps on the boiler and was nowhere in sight.  I did a quick scan of the basement family room and found her cowering above the bar with her hackles up.  She hadn't been overcome by carbon monoxide, but she definitely interpreted the beeping as a predator.  After opening the patio door for ventilation, I scooped up the cat to take her to safety.  Half-way up the stairs the cat was spooked again and jumped out of my arms leaving claw marks on my chest and the base of my throat.

I proceeded to wake up dh since boilers and carbon monoxide monitors are his household areas of responsibility.  He went to the now ventilated basement with fresh batteries to determine if it was the monitor or the boiler.  Fresh batteries produced the same beeping sound.

While I was putting on a pot of coffee, dh stood behind me with the beeping monitor and asked me:  "What do you hear?"

Dirty look.

"No, how many beeps do you hear."


"That's not one of the options."

"You didn't tell me this was a multiple choice test...what are the options?"

"One, three, or four."

I listened again, "Three."

"You're sure, three?  Is that the same as when you came downstairs?"

Mustering as much patience as my pre-caffeinated personality would allow.  "Well, I'm sure as can be without having my coffee.  Why, what do you hear?  And what does three mean?"

Without a word he puts the instructions in front of my face....Three means replace the carbon monoxide detector.  Something we really needed to know at 5:30 AM during a holiday week.

At this point I decided to just go to the gym and do some cardio.  Started to put on one of my usual lined yoga tops and noticed that the huge cat scratches were visible.  So just opted for a white crew neck T-shirt instead.

Once on the road I learned that while we were determining that a new carbon monoxide monitor needed to be added to the shopping list, there was freezing rain outside.  So I slip-slided my way to the gym in the dark on the ice.

Got to the gym, pulled out my mp3 player and selected my workout playlist.  First song on the list cues up but there's no sound.  Hit the various buttons, nothing...nada...just the song title on the screen. Even the "off" button produces no response.  Okay's 5 years old, so I guess it's done and I will be working out music-less.

My favorite stationary bike was available so I wiped it down, adjusted the seat and selected my usual program.  Five minutes into the program I went to take a drink out my water bottle and the whole top of the bottle came off, dumping about a quart of cold water down my know:  the the white T-shirt.  I looked like the loser in a wet T-shirt contest in a gym full of the holiday work out people.

At this point, I gave up and came home.  Dh had gone out to home despot (they open early, you know) and purchased a talking smoke detector and carbon monoxide monitor (guess he wanted someone else to talk to him after our earlier exchange.)

I'm going back to bed with a book.  I figure the worst that can happen there is a paper cut.

Hope your day is going better.


  1. Oh Valerie,
    Some days it just seems a big old spiteful black cloud follows you around doesn't it. I would like to point out that paper cuts are almost as painful as cat scratches.
    Careful with that book. No cooking either, order delivery or have DH take you out. Hope the books is good though. ;) Glad it's just a detector problem and not a boiler problem.

  2. So, you can look at it this way - the universe is getting all of its perversity out in one day, and tomorrow and next year will be way better!(or you can just wallow, which is ok, too).

    I've had those days, and I tend to opt for wallowing. In the bed with two large dogs, a glass of something, a book and the radio - loveliness!

    Hope tomorrow is better for you - I'm sending good vibes your way!

  3. OH NO! I feel for you! Isn't it odd how those things tend to build on themselves?

    Hope you are now enjoying the flip side of that day, and that everything is going your way!

    Happy New Year!
    Happy B Day!

  4. Thanks so much for your help with figuring out what's going on with my towel samples!!! I was starting to put together a better explanation besides the info I threw up last night in the comments, so I'm super grateful that you checked back and could figure it out just from the draft.

    I was thinking about it when I was running this morning and remembering that there were some long floats.

    I'll have to think about the whole "use a tabby" part of your advice. I'm not sure there is a tabby treadling for this (but I'm not sure there isn't either). I also haven't tried a straight twill treadling, so I could experiment with that.

    The way I came up with this was to find some favorite large scale patterns on, then try the treadlings from some with the threadings from others....never realizing that something could pop up in wet finishing.

    Anyway, I should be writing all this in my blog, but I wanted to come here and thank you first!!!

    Sorry about your very bad day...which is now luckily over. It's interesting to read in the comments that other people have those similar streaks. When it happens at my house, we say that my polarity is reversed, because it seems like suddenly lots of electronic things that I come in contact with stop working, either temporarily or permanently. It's very weird!!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!! Thanks again for your help!!


  5. Good luck with the "talking alarm" - we have one and being in Canada it has to be bilingual - therefore it says "fire! - feu!"

  6. Lol! Sorry, the whole wet T-shirt thing is kind of a hoot, and just the sort of thing that would happen to me on any given day. Glad you all didn't get carbon monoxide poisoning! That is so scary!


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