Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pepto bismol by any other name

is still Pepto Bismol pink.  The other name would be  Honeysuckle which has been named Pantone's color of the year.
You know, I've been thinking about this past decade and it really was a pretty grim decade.  Just as I was building hope for the decade to come, this slaps me right down.  There are shades of pink that I do like...just not this one.

Then again, I have been planning to make 2011 the year of  "shop from the stash" and "buy no clothing unless it is replacing an item."  This color trend may serve me well in pursuit of that goal.


  1. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Many many years ago when I was in retail (heavens- got to be 25 years now), a study came out about predicting economic trends from fashion trends. The fashion trends tended to lead the economic trends by a hair, or so they said. So if the color of spring was black, even with lots of florals, it was going to be a bad economy. The fashion trends lately have been somber, somber, somber. So the only reason to like that color is that maybe it is a harbinger of a better economy. So lets everybody buy some of that pepto pink honeysuckle until we need the pepto!

    Egad it is awful....I dont like pink either.

  2. Gah!

    I really dislike the whole Pantone thing. It is SO without imagination, and all about money.


    And where I come from ....Honeysuckle is yellow and white. I am slapped down too.

  3. LOL, well on my monitor it looks to be a deep coral colored pink, not pepto.
    If that's the color then I might just have to make all my own clothes in whatever color I choose!
    Gawd, has it been a decade already. Where does the time go.

  4. I used to have a kitchen (!) that was pb pink with slate blue gray trim - ugh! I had to paint it before I could even think about cooking in it...

    It's funny, while I can make any color I want, there are a few that I do over and over and over - and it seems that people like those, too. I guess we just don't care about what Pantone thinks!

    Yay for independent thinkers!!

  5. Wow, that is totally nasty. I like a nice fuschia or deep rosy pink, but not this! They must have picked that one out in the dark with their eyes closed! :D

  6. When I saw that Pantone had chosen Honeysuckle a couple weeks ago I quickly clicked the link expecting a pleasant, vibrant yellow and about fell out of my chair when the pink patch popped up. Have you ever seen pink honeysuckle? Out here it's always yellow. This pepto-bismo pink almost makes me want to give up my favorite scent - honeysuckle.


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