Thursday, December 02, 2010

Current events...

Just a quick update on what my hands have been doing.

The sister skein to the  blue/green alpaca has been spun and plied:

The white was spun using a supported long draw while the blue was spun with a worsted draw.  I used the same size whorl to spin both, though I went up a size to ply the blue and went down a whorl size to ply the white.  You have to look pretty closely to see any difference between the two skeins, but you can tell the difference immediately when handling the skeins.

Just in time for our first snow, I finished a new pair of gloves to go with my new winter coat:
 The yarn is some old two ply Harrisville from a cone in a color called cimmaron.  I don't think they make this yarn anymore.  The pattern is from the very first issue of Interweave Knits.  I love hand knit gloves, not least of all because they fit..... a glove. (Yeah, you saw that coming.)

And currently on the needles are a new pair of socks:

I'm doing the magic loop on a 42 inch needle.  The yarn is from the stash and the ball band is long gone.  So far I'm not loving the magic loop.  Double pointed needles are not a bother to me.  But I thought I'd give this a try since dh does not like me kntting as a passenger in the car with five size 1 double pointed knitting needles between me and the air bag.   Am not sure he'll be happier with just two points.....I'll learn that on the next car trip.

And there has been more spinning and plying:
I spent about 9 hours plying this over Thanksgiving weekend and still have at least an hour or so to complete it.  The fiber is Blue Faced Leicester (75%) and silk (25%) in the Frolic colorway by Black Bunny Fibers.  There's a total of 4 ounces and I plan to weave with it.  Will give you the specs. on the yarn once I get done plying and head to the loom with it.

And the looms....still no good pictures.  We've had a lot of gray days.....


  1. That blue and green is gorgeous.

  2. Oh my that BFL and silk is just amazing. Love the colors and shine. The gloves look great with the new red coat. My favorite winter coat is red too!
    I would think those number 1 DPN would break before they would puncture an airbag. The metal ones wouldn't break though. I didn't really like magic loop either preferring 4 dp's over any method so far.
    That white yarn makes ME want a pair of gloves from it. Very pretty

  3. Oh, pretty, pretty, pretty. I look forward to see how you use the BFL in weaving. As for magic loop, I never found the magic, other than you're done when you run out of yarn. I'm sticking with my DPs though I only use four. I don't suppose that's less of a safety issue.

  4. Beautiful BFL! My favorite colors. I just discovered the magic loop a few weeks ago, and I like it much better with just one sock at a time, though it does take care of any second-sock issues I might have.

  5. I still don't like magic loop - 2 circs work very well for me (if I am not crocheting socks.) So far I haven't had any mishaps while passengering. Tho spindling really gets the other drivers' attention on the highways. Not always a good thing.

    Love your projects!!

    And.... yes, do a long post re:Deb and the workshop. Looking forward to her new book!!

  6. Valerie,

    Wow, your spinning of the Alpaca roving is amazing. I have never done a long draw. What do you mean by supported?



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