Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things to do on a gray November day.....

November is definitely here.  The furnace is on, the days are overcast, and the nights are cold.  Hot cocoa tastes good, especially in the evening.  And handknit socks are a daily wardrobe item.

My spinning wheels are definitely affected by the change of seasons, so twice a year I find myself giving them an overhaul:

Today is the day to nourish the wood by rubbing it down with a beeswax/lemon oil product for wood. Then clean out the old oil and gunk from the all of the bearings, lubricate everything generously, and use leather restorer on the leather parts.  Also, replace the drive band, brake band, and brake band "spring" (I use covered pony tail elastics).

All of my wheels are wood and they change when the furnace comes on in the fall and when it goes off in the spring.  The change is so dramatic, that it's almost impossible to spin with them until they get their overhaul.  Such was the case last night, when I thought I'd spin a few more grams of a fiber that I've been working on.  So today is the day for wheel tune-up.

A gray November day is also a good time to thread the loom:

I don't usually warp front to back, but this is a double faced weave and there is a top and bottom warp, both with stripes.  So this one is front to back.  Must thread the heddles and tie-on to the back beam before I'll be able to throw the shuttle.

And when all this is done I will sit down to watch last night's episode of The Good Wife and knit on some socks in progress:

Yes, I still have more weaving to show you.  But I need a day with good lighting for photography as well as good motivation for writing the post.  Hopefully those particular stars will align soon.

Hope your day has as much pleasant fiber as mine does...even if it is gray outside.

Oh more thing to do on a gray November day:  write a blog post!


  1. um ayep...

    we have the same weather...grey november...poor light..good weather for reading a blog post...
    (I am so far behind on writing them!) are very good to pamper your wheels, I'm sure they appreciate it and will reward you!

  2. It's amazing how much the available light determines what we do. I can't see to weave on Goldie until spring because that room is just too dark. I look forward to seeing your warp.

    Because it's always dry here no matter what temperature it is, I don't experience fluctuation in my wheel. That would never have crossed my mind.


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