Thursday, November 18, 2010


I wanted to show you what arrived in the mail yesterday from Liz at Sundown Alpaca Ranch :
Well actually, it was two balls of alpaca roving but it was already pretty dark when the mail came yesterday and I couldn't get a good picture when the box was freshly opened.  Last night the blue green ball just hopped into my hands as I sat with the spinning wheel in front of the tv.  So, you'll have to use your imagination for that blue/green fluffy ball.

Liz had a lottery for new followers of her blog last month and I was one of the winners.  The fiber is just gorgeous and spins into beautiful yarn:
There's just a little bit of glitz in this yarn, I think it's firestar, but this photo doesn't pick that up.
Thanks so much, Liz!

Then today I had a less welcome surprise:
This warp has been a monumental PITA.  It's a double layer warp with different size threads in the two layers and there are stripes in both layers.  So it had to be warped front to back.  It seemed to take forever to sley the reed and thread the heddles, probably because I procrastinated more than I actually worked on it.  Then today I sat down to tie onto the back apron rod and smack in the middle of the warp there are 8 threads that were not threaded through heddles.   ARGH!  Fortunately the threading is a straight draw on 8 harnesses.  I thought about rethreading from that midpoint to the end again then decided to look in the weaving cupboard.
Ahem....clearly I have made this mistake before.  Perhaps not a whole 8 thread bundle worth, but enough to have cut into a few heddles to create repair heddles.  I just needed to cut two more and put them on the heddle bars to thread those loose ends and we're back in business. 

I finished tying on the back apron rod, crawled under the loom and tied up the treadles, then cut the ends in front of the reed.  By then it was time to make dinner and I didn't have the heart to tie onto the front apron rod and check to see if there are other threading errors.  Save that for tomorrow.

Right now I'm going to park my carcass with some yarn and knitting needles and work on a pair of gloves to go with my new winter coat.  They're forecasting temperatures in the 20's tonight and I need new gloves!


  1. That fiber and spun yarn looks wonderful.

    I don't know anything about looms but the picture and your description sounds like it is a PITA.

    20's brrrr, I don't miss those temps.

  2. That's a scary-looking error. I've missed a couple here and there. I would have fainted at that.

  3. Valerie,

    You did a beautiful job of spinning that roving. I love it.

    Sorry to see your problem on the loom. I hate when I miss heddles. I like your fix for the problem though. I will have to keep that tip in mind.


  4. It is nice to sit with some knitting needles after sleying and threading all day :)

  5. Your spinning is lovely Val - and sorry about the threading boo boo ... I can so relate...


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