Sunday, October 10, 2010

There's a story there somewhere....

On Monday I posted a rant about the political attack messages left in my voice mail.  On Friday night I was getting ready to settle in for the night and checked my cell phone.  There were two voice mails from an unknown number.  My first reaction was that those @#@$%!'s had gotten hold of my cell phone number!  ARGH!  Since dh was out of town I decided to listen to the messages anyway.

The first one said:  "This is Officer _____ calling from _______ County Animal Control in follow up to your report about a pig bite........"

Pig bite!?  Can't even tell you the last time anyone in this household was any where near a pig, let alone within biting distance.  Granted my experience with pigs is rather limited.  I do know that they are capable of biting a human, but the farm pigs I've been around wouldn't lead me to associate biting with their first response to a person.  Then again there have been reports about feral pigs in Michigan lately.  Whatever the scenario, you have to believe there's a story there somewhere.

The second message was from the same officer asking me to disregard the message, he had dialed the wrong number.  Wrong number or was someone in the office pulling a prank the night before the University of Michigan vs. Michigan State football game?  (A little "bite me" rivalry?)

Given the political attack messages in my previous post, I'm reminded:
"If you decide to wrestle with a pig keep in mind that you'll both end up rolling around in the muck.  But the pig likes it."

So in an effort to ignore the political pigs, I did a little retail therapy yesterday at The Spinning Loft.  It may not become a silk purse, but this is no sow's ear:

Lovely pygora top on a 14 gr. spindle.

Amazing how spindling that blue can chase away the pre-election blues!

Incidentally, Beth's shop is between the two rival universities and I was there during game time....poetic justice?


  1. Very bluetiful!

    My fingers have yet to meet pygora, I can see I will need to add some to my wish list....

    lovely spindling!

  2. Loved the pig allegory, I refuse to climb in the mud. Lovely color on the spindle, and I really like the spindles two tone-ed-ness.

  3. Gorgeous yarn, spindle AND spinning! We had a message on our phone in support of Sharron Angle, encouraging us to take back our state from big money in Washington. The man mispronounced our state name eight times in the message, something no Nevadan would ever do. Doh.


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