Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Start on the Weaving Posts..

At first I thought I would do all of the weaving posts in one go.  But perhaps it would be better to take it "one bite at a time".

Fresh off the loom this week is my Baby Alpaca Scarf:

I made it to go with a pink down vest and a black suede jacket, both of which get a lot of wear this time of year.  Here are a couple other views:

The yarns are Plymouth Yarn's Bably Alpaca Lace Weight: a 2 ply yarn in 50 gr. skeins of 437 yds.  I used one skein of pink and one of black.  The black yarn was slightly more heavy than the pink with slightly less yardage.  I sett the yarn at 24 epi. and beat the plaid to square.

The weave structure is an 8 shaft  3/1:1/3 twill plaid.  The source for the draw down is pattern #235 from A Weavers Book of 8-shaft Patterns, edited by Carol Strickler.  The above photo's  give you the view that the plaid does not "read" the same on both sides.  In the photo immediately above the right hand side of the photo you see more of a squared, balanced plaid effect.  On the left hand side of the photo, the plaid is dominated by horizontal stripes.

The scarf was 7.33"  in the reed, the finished width is 6.75".  I was hoping to get a finished length of 70" plus fringe, but ran out black yarn.  So my finished length is 54" plus fringe.

The yarn was easier to work with than I anticipated.  It fuzzes, so I expected a sticky warp and perhaps some broken warps from the fuzzing weakening the yarn.  But none of that happened.

All in all, other than being a bit shorter, the hand of the scarf is just as I planned......Love that!!


  1. Love the scarf! The Strickler book is really good.

  2. It's gorgeous! (Did I just see it on Weavolution too?)

    I need to post a bunch of weaving too.....I'll try to follow your lead and do it a bit at a time!

    Great project!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! And you selvedges are the envy of many a weaver, I bet.

  4. Beautiful weaving. Just lookiing at the photo, I can feel the softness of the alpaca.

  5. It's lovely, and thank you for not doing all your weaving in one post. I liked that I got to savor this.

  6. Beautiful, even plaid. The pink is such a soft pink - it's a very elegant looking scarf.


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