Thursday, October 07, 2010

More Help?! and a finished project

A new finished item:

Wrist warmers, glove covers, fingerless gloves...whatever you want to call them, they work well for this time of the year when early morning walks are a bit nippy on the hands.  The yarn is left over from Will's Gansey, so that yarn has been in the stash 5 years.  Ahem.  It's .not the oldest yarn in the stash, in fact it's a relative new comer.  Perhaps there needs to be a "shop from the stash" resolution in my near future.

The pattern was made up as I went along, using a stitch chart for the cable on the back.  If there's interest I'll write it up and put it on Ravelry as a free pattern.  But really, there are a ton of patterns for these things already up.  I just couldn't find one that looked like the one in my head.

The background for the glove covers is the prayer shawl from two posts ago.  I also posted a new picture of the shawl in that post.

Now comes decision time:
I have to wind a warp for the Jennifer Moore double weave workshop next Tuesday.  My warp calls for 4 light and 4 dark colors.  Since it's double weave there are effectively two layers each of which alternates light and dark, while the layers also alternate dark and light.  So here are my wraps:
So, what do you think?  Are there any colors that absolutely don't belong there?  Keep in mind that each of the colors will intersect the other colors at some point in the weaving.  That's why I tried my best to avoid complementary colors because they make drab colors where they intersect.  That's why the California Gold instead of an orange.  And that's why I decided to throw a clear brown in there as the dark for the gold.

Here are some other ways of arranging them:
I think this one just leaves the gold and brown out there by themselves.

While this one mixes things up a bit.  I think it's the most visually interesting, but it doesn't alternate lights and darks.

I'm not sure this one will make sense with the gold and brown in the same layer.


While I look at these photo's, I think the very first wrapping will work, except to switch the gold and blue on the bottom row.

Tell me, what do you think?  Quickly please....I have to get this thing wound and on the loom on Saturday.



  1. Love the cable stitch in the gloves!

  2. I don't know about switching the gold and blue - that would put the gold next to purple, almost compliments...

    Sometimes you just have to "do it" and be surprised by the result (don't overthink it...)

    Have fun - sounds like a good workshop.

  3. The cable mitts are great!

    Sorry, I'm a little late on the other..but I do like that gold....

  4. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I like the first one left as is.
    your fingerless gloves look great.

  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I would love to have the pattern for the wrist warmers. But I don't know how to find you on ravelry..... I'm also very new to revelry, so not really up to speed on all the how-tos of using it. Can you guide me to how I would find you? I'm in-stitches56. Thanks!

  6. I have no idea since I should have known that complementary colors make mud. Somehow that didn't register until this very moment. Of course they do! They're nice in knitting, not in weaving. Thanks for mentioning that. I look forward to learning from your learning!

  7. I just saw that Jenny is going to same conference - I don't know if you read her blog or not. You can see her colors here at I hope you guys get a chance to meet up.

  8. We must have been in the same class. What pattern did you have on your loom? I'm not sure if I wove on your loom or not. I like your blog. I just posted on my blog about the class,
    I really liked it, and learned a lot.


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