Friday, October 29, 2010

Colors of October - One Michigander's Perspective

I wasn't going to do Colors of October this month because it has been a very busy month with little time for leaf peeping.  But Sue tells us that this is the last Colors of the Month posting, and IMO this is really the prettiest time of the year in Michigan, so here's your colors:

Most Octobers we take a "leaf peeping" trip and get to see things like:


 (all of the above photo's are from October of 2008)

But this year, the month has been filled with working and waiting and getting things fixed:  a flat tire that took three trips to the tire store before it was repaired correctly; a tv that required a service call; a broken printer; a four hour power outage.  Before starting this post I just said goodbye to the cable guy who came in and replaced the cable box which got fried in the power outage.

However, this summer was exceptionally hot and wet in southeast Michigan, conditions that make for good compost.
So I spent time shoveling out this:

Wonderful, rich soil made from kitchen vegetable scraps and last year's garden clean out.
I worked in into the soil of the cleaned out flower beds.

If you notice in the photo below, the remains of many of my earlier "colors of the month" are in the compost bin, getting ready to be the compost for next autumn:

So I guess you could say my colors for this autumn are essentially brown: rich, dark, composted earth brown.
Now, go visit Life Looms Large and see the colors from other parts of the world, and perhaps add your own!


  1. Love it!!!! Your trip last year looks totally beautiful and I love your composting twist on the color scheme.

    I've had a similar October, with not enough time spent outdoors enjoying the gorgeous colors.

    Take care!

  2. So pretty where you live - so much green and water! I'll miss the challenge.

  3. Beautiful colors! Love the mushrooms ...great image!

    Amazing how the "compost happens"!

    ...what a successful pile you have there!

  4. Your October color photos are gorgeous! You know, every transplanted northerner, including myself, always misses the same thing: the change of seasons and fall color. I really miss that in the South. If one has the right trees planted, the colors are striking, especially in the mountains, but otherwise they're like you said, subtle.

    I like your compost bins too. The door is a good touch. :)

  5. Love the compost colours! I just about posted something similar, lol. Where is the view photo taken? So beautiful.


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