Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

You must go look at this.

The physical therapist in me has sat and scrutinized the vertebrae to be sure that they are the right shape and orientation for each level of the spine.  The pelvis is in great alignment.

The yogi in me wants to tell the skeleton to draw the shoulder blades together toward the spine.

The knitter in me says, "It's a bit late for a sweater."

Regardless...Happy Halloween.  Today is dh's birthday....chocolate mousse cake for two with a bit of Cherry Garcia ice cream tonight.  Woo hoo!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Start on the Weaving Posts..

At first I thought I would do all of the weaving posts in one go.  But perhaps it would be better to take it "one bite at a time".

Fresh off the loom this week is my Baby Alpaca Scarf:

I made it to go with a pink down vest and a black suede jacket, both of which get a lot of wear this time of year.  Here are a couple other views:

The yarns are Plymouth Yarn's Bably Alpaca Lace Weight: a 2 ply yarn in 50 gr. skeins of 437 yds.  I used one skein of pink and one of black.  The black yarn was slightly more heavy than the pink with slightly less yardage.  I sett the yarn at 24 epi. and beat the plaid to square.

The weave structure is an 8 shaft  3/1:1/3 twill plaid.  The source for the draw down is pattern #235 from A Weavers Book of 8-shaft Patterns, edited by Carol Strickler.  The above photo's  give you the view that the plaid does not "read" the same on both sides.  In the photo immediately above the right hand side of the photo you see more of a squared, balanced plaid effect.  On the left hand side of the photo, the plaid is dominated by horizontal stripes.

The scarf was 7.33"  in the reed, the finished width is 6.75".  I was hoping to get a finished length of 70" plus fringe, but ran out black yarn.  So my finished length is 54" plus fringe.

The yarn was easier to work with than I anticipated.  It fuzzes, so I expected a sticky warp and perhaps some broken warps from the fuzzing weakening the yarn.  But none of that happened.

All in all, other than being a bit shorter, the hand of the scarf is just as I planned......Love that!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

The spinners equivalent of hitting a tennis ball against the garage wall:

The reason for my title on this post is because the video reminds me of the Mitch Hedberg joke: "never play tennis with the wall, because the wall always wins."


To increase the challenge, add cats.

Colors of October - One Michigander's Perspective

I wasn't going to do Colors of October this month because it has been a very busy month with little time for leaf peeping.  But Sue tells us that this is the last Colors of the Month posting, and IMO this is really the prettiest time of the year in Michigan, so here's your colors:

Most Octobers we take a "leaf peeping" trip and get to see things like:


 (all of the above photo's are from October of 2008)

But this year, the month has been filled with working and waiting and getting things fixed:  a flat tire that took three trips to the tire store before it was repaired correctly; a tv that required a service call; a broken printer; a four hour power outage.  Before starting this post I just said goodbye to the cable guy who came in and replaced the cable box which got fried in the power outage.

However, this summer was exceptionally hot and wet in southeast Michigan, conditions that make for good compost.
So I spent time shoveling out this:

Wonderful, rich soil made from kitchen vegetable scraps and last year's garden clean out.
I worked in into the soil of the cleaned out flower beds.

If you notice in the photo below, the remains of many of my earlier "colors of the month" are in the compost bin, getting ready to be the compost for next autumn:

So I guess you could say my colors for this autumn are essentially brown: rich, dark, composted earth brown.
Now, go visit Life Looms Large and see the colors from other parts of the world, and perhaps add your own!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have weaving to show.  Actually, quite a lot of weaving.  But first I must get the lighting right to take some decent photo's.  Meanwhile we are under severe storm warnings, so good lighting may not be possible today.

So while you wait for that update, please go read this.  It's something I am passionate about.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

There's a story there somewhere....

On Monday I posted a rant about the political attack messages left in my voice mail.  On Friday night I was getting ready to settle in for the night and checked my cell phone.  There were two voice mails from an unknown number.  My first reaction was that those @#@$%!'s had gotten hold of my cell phone number!  ARGH!  Since dh was out of town I decided to listen to the messages anyway.

The first one said:  "This is Officer _____ calling from _______ County Animal Control in follow up to your report about a pig bite........"

Pig bite!?  Can't even tell you the last time anyone in this household was any where near a pig, let alone within biting distance.  Granted my experience with pigs is rather limited.  I do know that they are capable of biting a human, but the farm pigs I've been around wouldn't lead me to associate biting with their first response to a person.  Then again there have been reports about feral pigs in Michigan lately.  Whatever the scenario, you have to believe there's a story there somewhere.

The second message was from the same officer asking me to disregard the message, he had dialed the wrong number.  Wrong number or was someone in the office pulling a prank the night before the University of Michigan vs. Michigan State football game?  (A little "bite me" rivalry?)

Given the political attack messages in my previous post, I'm reminded:
"If you decide to wrestle with a pig keep in mind that you'll both end up rolling around in the muck.  But the pig likes it."

So in an effort to ignore the political pigs, I did a little retail therapy yesterday at The Spinning Loft.  It may not become a silk purse, but this is no sow's ear:

Lovely pygora top on a 14 gr. spindle.

Amazing how spindling that blue can chase away the pre-election blues!

Incidentally, Beth's shop is between the two rival universities and I was there during game time....poetic justice?

Thursday, October 07, 2010

More Help?! and a finished project

A new finished item:

Wrist warmers, glove covers, fingerless gloves...whatever you want to call them, they work well for this time of the year when early morning walks are a bit nippy on the hands.  The yarn is left over from Will's Gansey, so that yarn has been in the stash 5 years.  Ahem.  It's .not the oldest yarn in the stash, in fact it's a relative new comer.  Perhaps there needs to be a "shop from the stash" resolution in my near future.

The pattern was made up as I went along, using a stitch chart for the cable on the back.  If there's interest I'll write it up and put it on Ravelry as a free pattern.  But really, there are a ton of patterns for these things already up.  I just couldn't find one that looked like the one in my head.

The background for the glove covers is the prayer shawl from two posts ago.  I also posted a new picture of the shawl in that post.

Now comes decision time:
I have to wind a warp for the Jennifer Moore double weave workshop next Tuesday.  My warp calls for 4 light and 4 dark colors.  Since it's double weave there are effectively two layers each of which alternates light and dark, while the layers also alternate dark and light.  So here are my wraps:
So, what do you think?  Are there any colors that absolutely don't belong there?  Keep in mind that each of the colors will intersect the other colors at some point in the weaving.  That's why I tried my best to avoid complementary colors because they make drab colors where they intersect.  That's why the California Gold instead of an orange.  And that's why I decided to throw a clear brown in there as the dark for the gold.

Here are some other ways of arranging them:
I think this one just leaves the gold and brown out there by themselves.

While this one mixes things up a bit.  I think it's the most visually interesting, but it doesn't alternate lights and darks.

I'm not sure this one will make sense with the gold and brown in the same layer.


While I look at these photo's, I think the very first wrapping will work, except to switch the gold and blue on the bottom row.

Tell me, what do you think?  Quickly please....I have to get this thing wound and on the loom on Saturday.


Monday, October 04, 2010


There are 3 registered voters in this household who actively vote every  chance they get.

This fall is a gubernatorial election as well as the sensationalized mid-term elections.

I happen to be home most of the day.  Currently we are getting around 12 to 15 pre-recorded political messages which happen to have an extremely conservative bias.  No let me reword that....these prerecorded messages are lies.  I know that because I use Fact Check and Politifact in addition to the fact that I follow the news and have at least a modicum of brain matter.

I use caller ID, but because these messages are pre-recorded, the just shout their crazy messages onto the answering machine. 

So we got the politicians to stop the telemarketers to stop harassing us, only to allow themselves to step in and fill the void.

I ask you dear readers....How do we get this to stop.  It seems like a horrible penance for having actively exercised my right to vote.