Monday, September 13, 2010

A weekend away

Pure Michigan:

It looks more like a November day than a September day.

And in the car, there was knitting:

Baby shower gift for Sept. 25 completed thanks to the design and encouragement of my friend, Mary.
Since I totally copied her design, I'm hoping she'll post full pictures of what I copied.

PS:  I have no idea why blogger won't change the color of the link for the light house.  


  1. It looks like an almost perfect weekend. Beautiful pictures and I hope we see the finished knitted item too!

  2. We get a lot of those commercials here in South Florida about Pure Michigan and can I tell you I'm would love to go. Now from your pictures I really want to go, looks absolutely wonderful.

  3. Really beautiful! Can you post a full sized photo of what you knitted?


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