Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughts on Design from the Finish Line

I've been thinking about design a lot since the workshop with James Koehler.  Since he references the Bauhaus quite a bit in his design instruction, I've been reading a lot of Anni Albers.

Simplicity in design is one of the hallmarks of the Bauhaus designers, and I can't help but think that this  sweet baby hat (ravelry link) is one of the most simple and elegant knitting designs I've ever come across:

This is the newborn size, but I think it would have to be a pretty substantial newborn...maybe more like 4-6 months IMO.  I loved knitting this and wanted to start another as soon as it was finished.

A couple of you asked to see what I was knitting in the car in my last post.  I hesitate, because I shamelessly copied this sweater down to the last detail from my friend, Mary.  (I included the link so you can go tell her how much you like the sweater.)   It was she who selected the buttons and the colors and knit this sweater first.  I merely copied her design decisions:
This is Mary's interpretation of the Rambling Rows Jacket by Cottage Creations.  It makes me smile every time I look at it.  My son works for a German owned truck building company and his first question was, "Is it for a German baby?"   The colors are close to the German flag....except the charcoal gray would be black.  But no, the baby has a bit of our German heritage since it is being born to my great niece (which will make me a!) and he will be the good old "Heinz 57" mixture that most of us in the U.S. are.  (I wikkied that for readers who may not know the Pittsburgh euphemism).

The jacket is another one of those elegant designs.  Since it didn't use up too much yarn, I bought some red locomotive buttons and will knit up another with gray as the main color.  I've been knitting baby sweaters for most of my "great" nieces and nephews.  Having one in the stash will be a good plan.  Especially since we've been attending weddings lately.

So...for the baby shower:  a newborn size hat for this winter and a toddler size jacket for next fall/winter.

Continuing down the finish line are this pair of socks:

The yarn is ancient and has aged in my stash for a good many years.  They also languished on the needles for quite awhile.  Now they are done. 

Like the squirrels who have been frantically gathering nuts and stashing them in various holes dug in the lawn, I've been digging up UFO's to either finish or unravel.  Must be the autumn air.....


  1. Wonderful post!

    Did you catch the weavecast episode with Sigrod Piroch's interview about Anni Albers and the Bauhaus?

    I just love your sweet baby hat, thanks for the link! I'll tuck it away for when I'm needing to knit for wee one...

  2. We can feel the weather turning here. We sat on the front porch this morning (I had to read a book club book in a day!) but by afternoon, we had to move inside - very sad.

    I'm excited by your Bauhaus references. The Guggenheim is having a European retrospective from after WWI up to WWII. You know it's going to be a lot of Bauhaus and that exhibit is on the top of my list. I should reread Anni Albers before we go! Love the hat too~

  3. So glad to get the link to the cap! I had to 'invent' a baby helmet pattern for my grandson, by request from my Daughter-in-law, who had a picture of one from somewhere. I'll use this again soon!

  4. You have been busy. The baby hat is cute and I love your socks - great colors. Of course, you know I like that Rambling Rows sweater. Very boyish.

    You are inspiring me to get back to putting something on my blog.


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