Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself

I have posted before about my problem with Monkey Mind and once again the monkey in my head is raising his ugly fist.  Rattling in my head are a million ideas of things I could create with yarns and fiber that I have on hand (mostly).  Meanwhile, rattling around my house are what feel like a million stalled projects:

Like this design as you go wrist warmer, I'm working on.

 Or this strip design vest which is about 2/3's done.

Or work on the fronts of this sweater from handspun, with the back already completed.

Or this scarf from Mini Mochi yarn and weave-it squares.  Three more big squares to to, then 12 little squares.

Or wind this warp which I have already completely worked out the design.

Or this doubleweave sampler warp.  (Whoa!  the colors are totally off.  They should be baby blue and chocolate brown.)

Or pick out yarns and wind the warp for this upcoming workshop.

Or ply these three completely different yarns that are waiting on storage bobbins.  (Or for that matter, finish spinning the rest of the fibers for these yarns.)

  Or perhaps ply this spindle spun cashmere.

Or begin the final tapestry assignment from the James Koehler Workshop

Or work out the studies that I want to do on these two other tapestry warps.

Or cast on and knit this baby sweater that I swatched a couple weeks ago.

Believe it or not, before starting this blog post I was going to photograph and catalog yarn on Ravelry.  After seeing how poorly the color comes out on this soggy rainy day, that plan has been eliminated.

Clearly I need some meditation time to get my scattered self focused.

Meanwhile, there is one finished object to report:

A prayer shawl from Joann's Sensations yarn.  The colors are mostly browns and golds with a tad of moss green thrown in.  The idea was to make one that would work for the masculine prayer shawl recipients.  It's okay....the way the ball of yarn was wound, I thought it would be mostly moss green with a bit of brown.

Oh well....from overwhelmed to underwhelmed all in one post.  Meditation cushion, here I come!!

PS: the McCafe coffee was decaf.


  1. I would have a super long post if I pulled out all WIPs and cataloged them. I refuse to do that. The crazy just doesn't need to be documented evidence. Haha

    My mind has been doing the same as yours. I get overwhelmed and just pull up the closest project and work on that. Which has been my afghan lately.

  2. LOL, I sympathize, I really do! I know just where you're at. I too have about a million ideas and a schedule of nothing but painting and cleaning and getting at least one loom freed up and another working on prayer flags and.........

  3. I too sympathize. I'm sure it seemed like the perfect rainy day activity. I guess it doesn't work that way. I'm having too much nice weather so can't stay indoors long to even catalog. I suppose I should make an inventory of WIP - next month. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. I feel your pain... Not only do I have an out of control Monkey mind, coming up with "Hey, I could make a .... out of that," but I have enough in my stash to sop up the oil spill in the gulf.

    Add that to the animals, the full-time job and recovery from knee surgery, and I'm pooped! Being ADD, I can't meditate, but spinning sometimes helps, as does wonderful, escapist reading.

    Hang in there...

  5. The beauty of a monkey mind, happens when the FO's all fall into place...

    ...I know from reading your blog for a few years, that your FO's are gorgeous...I rest assured that as long as you keep blogging..your finished items will pop up from time to time...I'm looking forward to it! esp. that Weave-it scarf!

  6. My mind would be spinning with all those works of art in progress calling for attention.
    Sometimes it's so hard to settle into only one groove. So much beauty, texture and styles to explore!


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