Monday, August 02, 2010

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.....

Yesterday we were here:  Motor City to Maker City.  Go here to see more of the action.

Today I am waiting for the new windows and their installer to arrive.  The house is a mess with all of the window treatments down and needing to be cleaned before they go back up.  Most are blinds, so they are easily washed down.  Still trying to decide whether it's worth the investment to take the old drapes to the dry cleaners.....
My strategy is to wait and see where the installers start, then follow them around (at a respectful distance) cleaning.  Otherwise there will be more mess and mayhem than needed.

Tomorrow (well, not the end of the week) I'm headed off to here to spend 5 days taking the workshop from James Koehler.

Busy times...but it's all good.

PS:  Responses to comments:
1. Cathy and Theresa - somehow blogger lost your comments on the last post when I approved them.  My apologies.  Thanks for them, though.
2.  Sara - Naked Lady?  Makes sense but so funny.  Not a name my MIL would ever use.
3.  Thanks to everyone else for your kind comments about those hot July flowers.


  1. A workshop with James Koehler! I'm jealous

  2. That workshop can bring nothing but good things!

  3. Wow! Have a great time at the workshop! His work is AMAZING!


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