Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Colors of August and Circuit Board Table Runner

Finished at last!  I first blogged about this project here .  The green and gold pieces in that post were the swatches.  I decided to tough it out and weave accoriding to my original design, though at times it seemed might go blind in the process.  Until the 50 pick  treadling sequence was established in my brain, it seemed that I unwove as much as I wove.

Here's a shot with the inspiration for the design:

The draft in the Bertha Gray Hayes book reminded me of an older gold (copper) and green circuit board as soon as I saw it.  Of course, things have changed and circuit boards are more green and silver these days.  Oh well.

Here it is the last day of August, and my colors of August are limited.  It's been a very hot and busy month. 

The trees are starting to turn:

The impatiens are about maxed out:

And things are going to seed:
 This is a Jack (er.... Jane?) in the Pulpit.

And so I leave you with this sentimental leaf downed from a cottonwood tree:

Looks like we are getting ready to bring on autumn. Next month: Fresh apples and cider. Yum!!
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Brief Workshop Redux

I got home this past Tuesday evening from the 5 day workshop with James Koehler, part of this year's Michigan League of Handweaver's  summer workshops at Hope College in Holland, Mi..  (Do I win some kind of award for creating a sentence with the most links in it?!)

Anyway....The experience was phenomenal.  It reminded me a lot of my time at Penland two years ago.  Mostly because what James provided for us could be viewed as 3 workshops combined into one experience.  The topic was Color & Design I.  In reality it was:
  1. A Design Workshop
  2. A Color Theory Workshop
  3. A Tapestry Techniques Workshop.
James covered parts of each topic each day with assignments with paper and pencil, on the loom, with Color Aid paper, and with yarn.  We warped our loom with pre-wound warps for a total of 4 projects.  Most of us got about 1.5 of them with woven.   But we have copious notes from the lectures on how to complete them. 

Most of us were working on floor or table looms rather than tapestry looms.  The standing joke was:  "How many of us have advanced our warp more than 4 times in the past 5 days?"

With 7 of us in the class, it was like having semi-private guidance and instruction.

I highly recommend James as a patient, encouraging instructor.  Not to mention the inspiration that his body of work provides.  Much of his work can be seen in color plates in his new book, Woven Color.  Of course a copy came home with me.

Now.....I must get back to the loom.  Too much of this week has gone to getting control of the mayhem at home from the replacement window project. 

Monday, August 02, 2010

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.....

Yesterday we were here:  Motor City to Maker City.  Go here to see more of the action.

Today I am waiting for the new windows and their installer to arrive.  The house is a mess with all of the window treatments down and needing to be cleaned before they go back up.  Most are blinds, so they are easily washed down.  Still trying to decide whether it's worth the investment to take the old drapes to the dry cleaners.....
My strategy is to wait and see where the installers start, then follow them around (at a respectful distance) cleaning.  Otherwise there will be more mess and mayhem than needed.

Tomorrow (well, not exactly...at the end of the week) I'm headed off to here to spend 5 days taking the workshop from James Koehler.

Busy times...but it's all good.

PS:  Responses to comments:
1. Cathy and Theresa - somehow blogger lost your comments on the last post when I approved them.  My apologies.  Thanks for them, though.
2.  Sara - Naked Lady?  Makes sense but so funny.  Not a name my MIL would ever use.
3.  Thanks to everyone else for your kind comments about those hot July flowers.