Friday, July 02, 2010

More hoopin'

Last night was our second hula hoop class.  There are 13 of us women:  from a bride to be (in August), to two newish moms, and the rest of us are peri- to post-menopausal.  For that last group....well, we've been fighting gravity.  The teacher is somewhere in the middle of our age range and built like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

As a group, we are making progress both with the hoops and with our level of comfort.  There is almost as much abdominal toning from the laughing as there is from the hooping as evidenced by this quick interchange last night:

Teacher:  "If you're having trouble with your elbows getting in the way of the hoop, just put your hands on your shoulders."

Well endowed lady:  "It's not my elbows that keep getting in the way of the hoop!"
Less well endowed friend:  "Well,  you can just flip those up onto your shoulders too!"

At this point, most of us lost our hoops to the ground.

I still want more hoopin'!!

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  1. Loved hoola hoops as a child. Must find one again after reading about your adventures!


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