Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hot Colors of July

It's time to post the Colors of July.  Southeast Michigan has been hot, humid, and wet over the past few weeks.  The colors are also hot:

  Holly Hocks:


The geranium at the front door:

And there are fragrant flowers:
I love the smell of phlox.

And there are exceptions that prove the rule of hot weather and hot colors:
Pansies don't usually survive the 90 degree temps. we've been having.

The deer have left the echinacea alone since I scattered some used kitty litter around them.  They are still kind of stunted.  But last year there were no surviving blooms at all.

Below is a bulb given to me by my mother-in-law years and years ago.  It is the very first time the plant has bloomed:
She calls it a "resurrection lily".  Early in the summer it shoots up leaves that look a lot like day lily leaves.  Then the leaves all die back and this shoot comes up with the blooms.  Here's a picture to prove that those leaves do all die away:
See?  Nothing at the base....nada.  I had totally given up on it ever blooming, but there it least 10 years later, possibly more.
Okay, your turn.  Head on over to Sue's to see July colors around the world and perhaps add your own.


  1. We call those flowers Naked Lady, they grow wild around here (perhaps naturalized from pioneer settlers).

    (Amaryllis Belladonna).

    Don't Google Naked Lady though.... :)

  2. Wow! Brilliant colors! What a treat for the eyes. I've never seen anything like that pink and purple pansy. I did plant hollyhocks and echinacea this year. From seed, so neither is anywhere near blooming. Maybe How annoying that the deer are so fond of echinacea. It's a favorite flower of mine.

  3. Beautiful colours! We have been having a heat wave too, but I think that ours has finally cooled off a bit. We are in the mid 20's now. Bliss!
    The resurrection lily is amazing! From the last photo, it looks like some kid jammed a fake flower in the ground but the previous one lets us know that it is real and beautiful!
    thanks for sharing your garden!

  4. Just wow! Nothing like that here now and so lovely to see - just wow!!!

  5. Beautiful flowers! I love your bed of impatiens!

    Those pansies are beautiful and would make a nice color choice for a woven scarf I think.

    Thanks for sharing your colors!


  6. Thanks for your colors of July: they really catch July for me!

  7. The hollyhock is spectacular! Wonder what colour would come out of the dye pot with that one. Beautiful hot colours. The lily is interesting and comes out in the same way as the commonly called fall crocus.


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