Thursday, June 10, 2010

Four Shaft Four Block Double Weave

Here's what is on the loom:

I used the overshot draft from the previous project (in black and white) to create a 4 shaft, 4 block double weave threading (in green and gold).  It's a fun and interesting way to play with drafts and weaving.  However, I wish that there was more value contrast between the green and gold.

I wove a hem in straight double weave, then turned it in on itself for the hem (the striped portion, top center diagonal).

Can you see the circles?  I didn't think circles were possible with four shafts:

The lower right corner sample is with the green weft on top and gold weft on the bottom layer, which give gold circles on a green field.  I like that sample best, but it's almost impossible to see errors during weaving.  The fabric to the left side shows green circles on a gold field, which is the reverse side when the gold weft is on the top surface and the green weft is on the bottom surface.  That little wedge of gold in the top right is what I see during weaving.  It's also visible on the right in the photo above this one.

If you click for big, you can see the ply twist in the yarns...fascinating stuff for handspinners.  The yarn is 5/2 pearl cotton.

This is just the sample.  I have enough warp to complete a table runner (if my vision holds out!)  Perhaps I'll do another one with different colors and more value contrast.


  1. Wow! Val that's really stunning! I've only done doubleweave once and found it quite fascinating. Can hardly wait to see pictures of the table runner!

  2. Lovely work and yes, the pattern is subtle, but oh so pretty.

  3. That looks so lovely, it's quite elegant.

  4. I can see the circles - looks great. I'm glad to know that you can do them on four shafts, since I'm still inspire to tie up my other four.

    I don't have 5/2 cotton but am hoping to add to my stash while in the PacNW since they have weaving stores. I know there's one in Eugene - it was in Handwoven!

  5. I'm just starting to experiment with doubleweave....and my experiments are pretty plain-looking. It's cool to see what doubleweave can become.

    Circles on 4 shafts is an accomplishment! I'm always looking at drafts that curve or produce circles.

    Looking forward to seeing the runner!


  6. I love the subtle color and pattern. I definitely have doubleweave next on my list once I start to weave again.


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