Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Colors of June (1)

Most of these will not last until the end of the month, so here's the first installment of the colors of June:

In the herb pot, the sage is blooming.  What a coincidence, Sue over at Life Looms Large who started this colors of the month thing, has just posted about spices.  Sage is one we like with poultry and pork around this house.

  The front garden sports these Love in a Mist (Nigella damescena).  An old fashioned flower, the original seeds came from my mother-in-law a number of years ago.  This year they are a very pale blue.  In the past they have had more vibrant blue with a tinge of purple color.  If you get the urge to scatter some of these seeds be aware that they can be pretty invasive.  These are almost done and will soon be bulbous seed pods.

Out by the hubby's workshop door is a bed of Lamium.  That's a good place for it since this flower smells like dirty socks to me.

Dh once commented, "We like purple flowers, don't we?"  Well, I'm not sure that he has a preference, but yep, for me it's the purple, blue, and pink ones that make me smile.


  1. What beautiful pictures! I've never seen Love in the Mist, such a wonderful name and a really neat flower.

  2. Beautiful colors of June...and you're so on top of things! I will get my colors up by the middle of the month. I'm already taking photos (and waiting til the Colors of May are complete).

    I have sage in my garden, but I've never noticed it blooming. It is a favorite of mine, especially in potato gnocchi and in scalloped potatoes. I'll have to keep my eye out to see if it does bloom. It's surrounded by very tall plants, so I don't actually look at it very often.

    Happy summer!

  3. Lovely!

    (is it June already?)


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