Saturday, May 29, 2010

What's black and white and read all over?

Some weaving, some flowers, and a lot of reading:

Black and white:
Finished table runners. I liked both sides so hemmed one each way.

A longer view:

Just white:
More white:
Three sisters:
 Read all over:
I've been doing more reading than anything else lately.  Just finished the last of the The Girl W.... books last night.  I started it on Wed. evening and read every spare moment until it was finished.  Well, okay, maybe some of those moments weren't so spare.

Let the Great World Spin went much the same way.  Tattoos on the Heart ditto, except it was read in the car on the way to my nephew's wedding.  One afternoon and it was done.  I highly recommend all three of these books.

Brooklyn was not quite as compelling, just a cozy narrative story. 

True North is my current read and was an early reviewer's copy from Library Thing.  So I must get it read and write a review.

Meanwhile, I am still threading the next warp.  Maybe an audio book for that.  Recommendations?


  1. i've looked on and off at Let The Great World Spin. Maybe next time I see it, I'll pick it up!
    The weaving looks fantastic. Love them. Flowers aren't too shabby either. Nice pure whites.

  2. Loved your weaving; such clean graphic lines. I was totally gripped by the Larsson books, but Colm toibin was a disappointment, despite Ian McEwen giving it high praise on UK tv.

  3. Love your black and white - and white. We really enjoyed the Larsson trilogy. Ian ordered the third book from the UK in March because he couldn't wait, and then of course, there was no one to talk to about the book. Most people I know still haven't read it. I won't do that again. Love Tattoos - thanks. I hope I don't cry in every chapter.

  4. Larson books are on my list - sounds like they will be addictive!

    Love the weaving and the flowers.


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