Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spinner's tip of the day and flags...

I probably should have remembered that the cottonwoods are in seed before I put this freshly washed black alpaca fleece outside to dry:

I'm a little disappointed at how much vegetable matter is in this fleece and this just adds to it.

To assuage my disappointment, the irises (aka flags) are blooming.  Here are several of the light purple blooms.  The dark purple and white plants haven't fully opened their blooms yet:

When I was a little girl these and gladiola's seemed to be particularly ugly flowers to me.  Now that I am grown, and then some, I find irises and the range of colors they come in particularly appealing.  I still don't "get" gladiola's though....even in funeral baskets.  (Maybe because of funeral baskets?)

I'm posting these to remind myself how much I enjoy them when they are in bloom, because I hate cutting them back and cleaning up in the fall.  Hope you enjoy them too.  Want to come help clean up in October?

Gotta go pick cottonwood seeds out of damp alpaca.


  1. So pretty -- I love irises. Their shapes are so...odd. But then, I like glads, too (though I haven't tried to grow them). When I lived on the west side of Michigan, there were a couple of farms that grew them. Not as dramatic as you might think, since I think they harvest before very many of them bloom.

  2. Mim and I were talking about unwanted matter in black fleeces just last week. It's probably the same stuff that's in light fleeces, but now it's glaring. We planted cottonless cottonwoods so at least I can step away from that error. Hope the invasion is minimal.

  3. I had a Shetland fleece drying on a sheet outside, last year, and left the house to pick up a few groceries...a wind sprang up while I was gone, and my entire fleece blew across the yard and up against the fence. Atop piles of pine needles, maple keys, grass clippings...STILL hand-carding that VM out.

  4. I feel that way about lillies. Besides the VM that fleece looks beautiful. I would guess Sharon might be right, VM just shows up more

  5. Your flag photos are beautiful!

    Thank you!

    Interesting blend you've got there (alpaca/cottonwood)...in the "Domino" colorway! ha! ;-)


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