Friday, May 14, 2010

Say what?

Yesterday I did a brief presentation on the sample that was on my loom from Robyn Spady's workshop last fall.  The workshop topic was There Are Two Sides to Every Cloth and my sample was Four-Shaft Overshot-Patterned Double Weave.

Now when it comes to knitting, you can name or describe a stitch pattern and I can pretty much visualize it from a verbal description.  I have been knitting since I was seven years old, so it's like a second language to me.

Weaving?....Not so much, even though I've been weaving since 1980.  Unless it's something like plain weave, 2-2 twill, or some other twill......I have to see the threading, tie-up, treadling and draw down.  Even then I might not get it until I sit down at the loom and noodle around with it.  So for me to get up and talk about weaving......uhm...kind of nervy.

So there I was talking about the threading and treadling blocks that I played around with in this weave structure.  Passed out some handouts that I'd made up along with a reference sheet for some articles that were related and noted that the articles referred to this structure as 4-shaft 4-block double weave.  Immediately the light went on for several people and they said, "Oh 4-shaft 4-block double weave....that makes sense!"

Inside I had this little chuckle....I'm so glad those words made sense to someone because until I can see the fabric it is all just so many words to me.

Now I understand that four-shaft overshot patterned double weave is really only a subset of 4-block 4-shaft double weave, and there are other structures that can be included under the set of 4-block 4-shaft double weave, which is really only a subset of double weave which comes under the universal set of weave structures, to which card weaving would be a complementary set..

I may not get weave speak, but I really loved set theory in math.  Ciao!


  1. Weaving really does have its own language, doesn't it?

    Very cool cloth! I'll bet your presentation was great!


  2. I so totally get that. Knitting is in my hands every day, of some project, because my hands just knit - many projects on many needles. While I love weaving, it's always a reach and I realize it will always be a reach since my math background is so weak.


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