Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Colors of April...

Southeast Michigan version.  Over at Life Looms Large, it's time to post the colors of April.  I've missed the past couple months, partly out of laziness and partly from the fact that there was no color.  At least not color that interested me.  But now we have hit the boom time....or should I say "bloom" time?
There are bleeding hearts, red tulips, creeping phlox, pansies, and violas:

Apple blossoms:

Achoo! Lilacs (a significant allergen to me.)

And bugs (the flower is on a mock orange shrub):

Perhaps next month there will be peonies, lilies, and irises.  But for now, go back to Life Looms Large and take the "tour".

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mystery Project Finished...

Back in February I showed a piece of some mystery knitting.  The project has been finished, sent off, and received by the intended recipient.  So now I'll show it to you:

 This shows the border.

This shows the blanket.(Ravelry link for details.)

Back in November my childhood best friend let me know that her daughter-in-law was expecting her first grandchild.  Instantly I remembered many long summer afternoons where we bundled up baby dolls and tucked them in toy "buggies", or cradles, or even shoe boxes.  How we had those fake plastic dress-up high heels with rhinestones and elastic straps that we fit over our white ankle socks, then would trot around with the half bundled baby doll flung over our shoulder.  Or just as likely, the baby doll was in more of a quarterback's carry position.  We had tea parties with dandelions, water, and any other weed or seed that captured our imaginations that day.  Sometimes we even had real cookies: Oreo's or their vanilla counterpart, Hydrox cookies.

These were the memories I contemplated while knitting this up.  Added to that the musing of how quickly the time has passed that we are now at "grandma" age. 

That friend's name?  Vickie.  Yep, that's right....the dynamic duo:  Vickie and Val.

The baby is due in May.  I feel like I get extra points for having it done ahead of time.