Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Time has been passing like water over stones (a phrase Judith uses a lot in the aforementioned dvd set):

I've been doing a lot of thinking, and usually when I think I write. But this isn't a political blog, so I've spared you my thoughts about health care and finance reform. Let's just say that my observation in an earlier post about Republicans being sore losers is once again being born out. I find it so embarrassing that we are the only industrialized country which has not found a way to provide basic affordable health care to its most vulnerable citizens. But enough of that.

There has been some reading and knitting:

Some successful, some less so.

There has been a lot of spring cleaning/fiber equipment maintenance.

See? I've used a lot of lubricant:

And the looms and wheels are looking smooth and lustrous:

Yesterday, after winding a warp, I decided to dismantle the 4 harness loom and get the harnesses set up "properly". Now the heddles are aligned and evenly distributed across the harnesses. And the nail polish applied to every 10th heddle (for ease in counting) was refreshed where needed:
While the loom was dismantled, I cleaned all the lint out of the lamms, lubricated all the moving parts, and tightened all of the bolts.

If today goes as planned, a new warp will be on this loom by this evening. WooHoo!

Ooops...almost forgot....(a hazard of being a lazy blogger)...

Judith has passed along a sunshine award to me. I appreciate the honor, but have to laugh because I am the first to complain about the lack of sunshine in southeast Michigan from September to May. I'm supposed to pass this on to blogs that I read and recommend. My quandry is that I use Google's feed reader and follow well over 100 blogs (thank heavens most don't post every day....many don't even post every week. I would never keep up!)

So...if you are one who stops in here even semi-regularly, I probably follow your blog looking for some sunshine. Feel free to consider yourself tagged with this honor and post as you see fit....and let me know, so I'm sure that you're in my feed reader.


  1. The antipathy of this week is unsettling. I hope sanity will prevail, but with the harsh statements and polarizing language, I fear that we have entered into a new stage of civil unrest leading to civil decay. All the talk about taking up arms - I'm just a bit alarmed.

  2. I like my health care and think that affordable health care in developed countries should be a no-brainer. I kind of wonder why some people think that it is OK to spend trillions of dollars to maim and kill people but call health care reforms the work of communists or socialists.

    And I need to oil all my looms and wheels. Thanks for the reminder......


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