Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love this....

Here's how it was made:

I haven't gotten this much entertainment out of the gas company since elementary school, when its name was "Peoples Natural Gas" (really...who thought up that name?!)

More to Love:
I've mentioned before that I love the Michigan library system.  It is one of the greatest assets of this area which is deserving of our financial support.  Now there's something new to love:
This is the same library that Yarn Harlot blogged about after her mid-month event.

I'm going.

Jackie: Thank you for your comment in the previous's exactly what I mean.

Also I've found a new favorite blog at Nonsequitur, but it's not a fiber blog.


  1. Thanks for posting the videos - they made me smile too. Lusky you to have such a magnificent library. Ours is coming apart at the seams. Interlibrary loan is $5 per item for a two-week use period and hours are on the chopping block. So far closures are on hold but not ruled out.

  2. Oh, I just love that advert! I think I might post it on my blog too....thank you so much!

    PS: My word verification was "imajin" !!


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