Monday, February 22, 2010

Got Snow?

From my kitchen window:

I don't think the birds are any happier than I am about this snow (or that I haven't trekked out to fill that bird feeder). The video below is primarily for the audio:

So surreal to walk outside to 8" of snow and hear that kind of bird chatter.


  1. Several people have said to me today: "At least it is beautiful!" No. No, it would have been beautiful in December. In February, it is just brutal.

  2. Although we almost always get a big snow in March around here, this weekend I found daffodils coming up in my garden. So, take that Winter! Spring's a comin'! That's why the birds are singing so loudly. That, and wanting you to fill the feeder :-)

    (I put a pic of the daffs up at my blog. If you want to get a small dose of spring, come on over!)

  3. Hey! Thanks for dropping by. I shall proceed with confidence re: the green beans.

    Sending springy thoughts your way :-)


  4. What Lee said - I totally agree! The bird songs do make sweeten the pot.


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