Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Colors of February - late Michigan

Sue has been doing a project of colors of the month.  Hers are here. If you scroll down to the end of her post, there are links to February colors in a variety of places.
These are fresh from this morning:

Who's in the tree?

Mmmmm!  Frozen berries!

Singing in the snow:

In case you can't tell, more snow this morning.....big, fluffy flakes.


  1. Great set of pictures!! I never used to notice robins in the winter, but last winter there was a large winter roost near us. This year I occasionally see them....although I don't usually see them when the trees are snowy.

    I love how the robin in your picture looks against the snowy branches!

    Thanks for sharing your colors!!


  2. What an encouraging color for February!

    Thank you!


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