Sunday, January 17, 2010


On January first I woke up with a sty in my left eye.  Took a week to get the darn thing healed up.

Last Tuesday I woke to find 1/4" long crack in the right lens of the glasses which were new in October.

Now today, the stuffiness in my ears over the past two weeks has become a full blown ear ache on one side and a throb on the other side.  Drat!!

Looks like a trip to the dr. tomorrow.  I guess it's good that I can easily rearrange my schedule to get these things taken care of, but geez...not a good start to the new year.

Today I am drinking tea in the lounge chair, napping between rounds of the latest pair of socks, and wondering if these two balls of Kroy sock yarn are really from the same dye lot:

They look rather fraternal to me.


  1. Looks rather like my Noro socks, which I have now come to think of as cool. They're not twins but cousins.

    Hope you feel better soon~

  2. Oh, I hope the doc gets you fixed up in a snap!
    feel better!

  3. Is the pattern as simple as it looks? It's very attractive.


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