Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick Random

Tomorrow is my birthday. Since ds will not be here for the day, I got to open one of my presents early: a card reader that allows me to download the photo's from my phone.  So here is a backlog of downloads.

I just happened by this orange cone near some telecommunications cable repair activity in Nov. Love the logo.  Could you imaging placing these around you while working at the loom or wheel?  Maybe it would cut down on those "have you seen my...." interruptions:

In early December we attended an honors banquet for ds which was held in a Ukranian Cultural Center.  While waiting to be seated, I found these wonderful ethnic embroideries displayed in frames (behind glass) in a hallway.  While not the best shots in the world, at least these cell phone shots help to transmit a little of the beauty of these hand embroidered pieces:


Yes...all of the black in the above photos are individual stitches. Imagine the eye strain!

I don't recall about the black border in this photo, I think it was mat board the piece was mounted on.  I wish it was possible to share pictures of the larger pieces with you.  They are lovely examples of meticulous handwork.

Time is short.  Again, one more sleep....until my birthday, and within this tired, tired decade.

Still working on the blue post....


  1. Happy Birthday - Baby New Year!!!

    Gorgeous embroidery--beautiful patterns and textures! Great gift!

  2. Just got home yesterday and am catching up on blogs. I cannot believe how important my cyber friends have become to me. Happy birthday belated. I hope it was lovely. I hope the new chip for our phone means you'll be sharing from it.

    I wish you could see the antique vestments at the Catholic church in Virginia City. I was there for a week workshop with Judith MacKenzie. We all went together to see them and she explained them to us. I've seen them since I moved here in 1975, but I now I see them with a whole new eye.

    p.s. Happy New Year!


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