Thursday, December 24, 2009

One more sleep....

Yes I've been quiet.  I've been busy, just like you.  Arrived home from our annual family trip/tour on Tuesday.
Learned the answer to the riddle:  "When is the shortest day of the year longest?"
Answer:  When you're sitting in a car in a snow storm and holiday traffic.

Restocked the fridge and pantry on Wed. (and waited in line behind the whole town in the grocery store at 8:30 AM!).  Put up the tree last night.

Took some photo's for the promised "blue post" yesterday before the finished item was wrapped up for its recipient.  That blue post will get blogged yet.

Meanwhile, you can keep up on Santa here.

Or read a current post on today in Bethlehem here.  I find a certain irony in Ms. Prusher's phrase: "....misery and merriment are in the eye of the beholder."  As we recount the nativity story, there certainly is quite a bit of human misery present in that stable where we as Christians see much joy.  The contrast in the season continues to this day.

Or, since this post is lacking in photos, you can peruse some current photo's here

Wishing each of you who visits here the very best of the holiday season.  May your 2010 be the beginning of a decade with more merriment and less misery than the decade about to close. 

And I promise to post again before that decade gets here.


  1. Thanks Valerie. Killing time until the guests arrive so thought I'd so come virtual visiting. Wishing you a blessed Christmas. The "real" Christmas gets pretty obfuscated, doesn't it.

  2. Merry Christmas Valerie!

  3. Merry Christmas, Valerie!

    (waiting for the blue!)

  4. Merry Chrsitmas Val - hope it was a good year for "ewe" and your family!


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