Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Better Off Red

At last some finished items:

These are the Absinthe socks (Knitty Link) made from Kroy 3 ply, a yarn which hasn't been made for a very long while.  I love the fit of these socks, but they were truly a pain to knit.  They languished for quite awhile because the back of the leg is plain...sort of the sock equivalent of a "coffin sweater" ( that term and see what you get).  Meaning when you knit pattern on the front of a garment and plain on the back, it's like pretending that no one will see the back of it.  The one place sure of that happening is?
So, anyway...they are done.

Then we move onto a finished prayer shawl.
Just plain garter stitch made of JoAnn's Sensations yarn.  Easy care and hypoallergenic for whoever the recipient might be.  This colorway reminds me of glowing embers.

And finally, hot off the blocking pins:

Queen Silvia Shawl from Nancy Bush's Knitted Lace of Estonia. The yarn is Skacel Merino Lace which is called for in the pattern. There was a lot of yarn left over.
I thought about adding more repeats to the shawl, but then would have had to do the math to add repeats to the border...too lazy.  Mine blocked out to 34" by 62", which is larger than the pattern reports at 24" x 58".  I don't think I would want it any longer or wider than it is.  Perhaps I will wear it on Sunday night when I serve as one of the narrators for the Kneeling in Bethlehem program our church is doing on Sunday night.

So...there you go.  Some finished items at last. Very seasonal, don't you think?

Next up:  the color blue.


  1. Wow - lots of great finished pieces! They're all beautiful.

    If the color blue is next, does that mean you have even more finished for us to drool over? Wow! I'll stay tuned!!!


  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Wow---Like I said before, where do you find the time to do sooooo much? I'm busting my butt trying to finish up a pair of socks for a Christmas gift.
    Every thing you posted is beautiful, as always.

  3. Your Queen Silvia is regal!

    Perfect for the season.

    I was recently gifted with a copy of NB Knitted Lace and have started working...oh my!

  4. Wow wow wow. Absolutely gorgeous, including the coffin socks. That made me laugh. I hope I get to church this Sunday. It's supposed to snow - again. Sunday isn't a school day so we won't get plowed. I don't want to miss the third Sunday of Advent - sigh.


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