Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For a quick look on what we were doing in the weaving workshop check here and here. Just for fun, can anyone (who doesn't know me outside the blog) guess which picture features me in that last link? (hint, I'm wearing something made from handspun yarn.)

Answers to questions in the comments:

  • With the support spindles I usually use a little wooden base that I bought with my Forrester spindle.  It is pictured in this post.
  • The sentence:  "A certain amount of legerdemain was required to truss the turkey filled with that much fennel dressing.  (write me if you want the fennel dressing recipe)
  • The workshop was held in a large church basement fellowship hall.  They have a triptych painted on that long wall that's sort of a landscape with lots of greens and purples framed as viewed through a palladium style window.  It's new since we were there for a workshop last spring.
Gotta go, I'm dog tired.  And there some busy days ahead:  Guild meeting tomorrow, yoga workshop on Friday, birthday party (for a friend) on Saturday, and tickets to see A Little Night Music with yet another birthday girlfriend on Sunday.

BTW, I know more people with birthdays in the coming week of November than any other time of year.  Mary, the Sunday birthday girl and elementary school teacher said that she's noticed that too in her almost 40 years of teaching.  Her theory is that Valentine's Day is 9 months before.  So, there you go.

Now, where  did I stash all those birthday cards?


  1. I want to go to the awesome workshops you get to go to. I wish they would come west...

  2. Thanks for the photo of the spindle base!

    And the sentence is very appropriate for this time of year ;-)
    recipe plez? I will discover if I have enough legerdemain to complete the task :-)

    Have fun on Sunday!

  3. I believe you are wearing the gray cabled vest, picture #P000607? That's the one that fits my vision, which maybe comes from a picture or maybe I made up?

  4. That's my guess too: P1000607!

    I have heard the same thing about August/September - loaded with b-days. My college boyfriend once remarked, "The Christmas lights, the roaring fire: awfully romantic."

  5. Thanks for the scoop on the mural!! I'm all out of order reading blogs.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!



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