Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Larger Stage....

William Shakespeare said that "All the world's a stage...."  and what a strange stage it feels to me this week as I ponder the news.  News full of beginnings, endings and ongoings:

As I type, the Memorial Service at Fort Hood is playing in the background. What a sad ending for 13 heroes.

Yesterday the news was all about the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. I have distinct memories as a second grader, of sitting in front of the black and white tv in my best friend's living room. I remember feeling perplexed as Walter Cronkite reported behind the blurry footage of people desperately trying to cross the border to West Berlin as the wall and barbed wire went up. Now in a strange twist of fate, another little girl who was sitting within the boundaries of that wall at that same time is the Chancellor of a united Germany.

I also remember, as a young adult, following the news story of the ending of the US involvement in the war in Viet Nam, a war that was the back drop for my high school and college years. This was the first war to be graphically televised into our homes and it was all disturbing. The end of the war was equally disturbing as the Viet Namese Boat People fled as refugees from their homeland. Now today in the news a 5 year old refugee from that time returns to Danang as a U.S. Navy Commander. What a journey.

Seven years ago, we all watched in horror for three weeks as the elusive Beltway Sniper Attacks.  Ten people died and three were injured. Tonight the mastermind and perpetrator of that evil is to be put to death. I must admit to being ambivalent about the death penalty, but in this case what other end makes sense? If only it would be an end to all such evil.

On a lighter note, today marks 40 years of the broadcast of Sesame Street. I was a teenager with nieces and nephews when this show was launched. Big Bird provided the inspiration for my costume for a Halloween/birthday party for dh when we were dating. For many years I worked as a pediatric physical therapist and am also a mom. Sesame Street characters were wonderful and familiar "tools" to ease some of my small patients into their therapy activities. I am indebted to them. May Sesame Street continue to be around for 40 more years!

So these are all the things I am pondering while working the interminable 776 stitch border rounds on the Queen Silvia Shawl.

What's that saying?.... May you live in interesting times.


  1. Ian and I were in DC during that time and that's the closest I've come to mortal fear. Nice reflection - I've enjoyed the Sesame Street retrospective this week. It certainly has been central in our family - Well said.

  2. ...yes...and I still don't know how to get to Sesame Street...

    Lots to think about...:-)


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