Tuesday, November 24, 2009


For the past week and a half there have been temporary barricades on one of the streets I drive down frequently. In addition, one of the houses on that street has had curious goings on.

It's a modest '70's style colonial, probably about 2400 sq. ft. at most. The first day there were about 5 moving vans on the street in front of the house. Hmm...no way could all that stuff fit into that house, nor could all that stuff have come out of that house. Admittedly I didn't see any "stuff", just all those vans jockeying for position.

Later in the week there were two big trailers in front of the house. One of them had a side panel where one could see all kinds of electronic metering equipment. Hmmm? Biohazard? Toxic waste? Too much CSI?

Yesterday I stopped at Hands on Leather in my continuing quest for the perfect little purse. The store is located on a one way street with diagnoal parking. In front of every parking spot was a temporary "No Parking" sign, yet cars were in those spots. So I pulled in a vacant one, and could then see in small print "after 5:42 PM". Hmmm....what's so special about 5:42 PM?

Nancy did have the perfect bag that I've been searching out for the past 6 weeks (this one) and while settling up I asked about the signs. She looked at me in disbelief...."Didn't you know they are filming a movie in town?" Duh....well now I know.

It's this one. Now you know too.


  1. Your new purse is quite nice!!

    I was so afraid as I reached the end of the post that the mystery wasn't going to be solved. Glad it was!!


  2. David Schwimmer is a director? From Friends????

  3. David Schwimmer directed "Run, Fatboy, Run", which was pretty awful.

    I had heard a rumor that Clive Owen (yum!) was in town, but Catherine Keener is even better. I love her.

    I really like that movies are being made here. I know it is only because of the massive tax break and when (if) that ends, they will go away, but it seems like the only really vital thing that is going on in Michigan right now.

  4. You know - one can't keep up with everything!


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